Friday, July 27, 2012

Pandora and the Human Touch

Yesterday we wrote about The Echo Nest and its very technologically driven approach to music intelligence and recommendation. Today we look at the alternative and very human approach employed by the popular internet radio service Pandora.

The key to Pandora's "Music Genome Project", and hence the recommendations it serves its listeners, is the fact that EVERY piece of music is listened to and analyzed by an actual human being. That's not to say technology is not a factor - once a piece of music is analyzed, a very sophisticated algorithm helps contextualize the information and ultimately recommend music. But it all starts with the human ear - specifically a set of ears from one of 25 Musical Analysts at Pandora.

Read About What Goes Into Pandora's Human Analyses:

Meet Danny Eisenberg, the Music Analyst Who Analyzed Pandora's 1 Millionth Track:

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