Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A2IM's White House Submission

As strong supporters of creative value and a healthy respect for copyright, All Music Matters has taken a special interest in the U.S. Government's effort to beef up its enforcement of intellectual property protection. We recently wrote about the open submission program led by U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel, and followed up with some suggestions for submitting your own ideas and recommendations.

Today, AMM would like you to take a look at the American Association of Independent Music's (A2IM) submission to Ms. Espinel. As mentioned in our post about the proposed UMG/EMI merger A2IM is a not-for-profit trade organization that serves independent labels, artists and publishers around the country, and even the world. Their letter to Ms. Espinel does a wonderful job detailing many of the issues that affect independent content owners and creators as it relates to weak copyright protection. Informative and inspirational, it will surely speak to and benefit any independent artist, label and publisher who reads it.

A2IM's Top Concerns:

- Search engines and ad networks that link to and trade on websites providing access to unlicensed music

- User-uploaded content services that encourage consumers to upload their favorite content and then disseminate that content even when there is no license from the creators

- Loopholes in the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) that put an unsustainable burden on copyright owners to act as "24/7 takedown notice servers, diverting resources from creating and marketing their artists' music"

- Insufficient education and awareness surrounding statutory digital royalties that content owners are entitled to receive, and sometimes unknowingly sign away

While these are a few of the major takeaways, there is so much more to the letter. Please read it in full at:

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