Friday, August 3, 2012

Amazon's New Scan-and-Match Service

Amazon has just announced new scan-and-match functionality for its Cloud Player music service. Originally, Amazon's Cloud Drive + Cloud Player required users to manually upload their music for anywhere, anytime access. Scan-and-match technology identifies the music in a user's collection and matches it against an existing collection of over 20 million songs that Amazon has licensed, requiring no uploading whatsoever (assuming Amazon has everything that you have in your collection). At $25/month, this competes directly with the iTunes Match service. However as a complete music solution, it still falls short of the recently launched Music Hub service from Samsung.

Labels and Publishers are happier because they're now getting paid by Amazon (Amazon did not have any licenses in place for Cloud Drive + Cloud Player before introducing scan-and-match). The question is, are they getting paid fairly? And if so, how much money, if any, are artists and songwriters seeing?

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