Thursday, August 16, 2012

America's Map of Music

Where in America do musicians and music businesses tend to gather? It's an interesting question, and one that Charlotta Mellander from the Martin Prosperity Institute has helped answer.

Online publication "The Atlantic Cities" describes how Charlotta used "Bureau of Labor Statistics figures on the concentration of musicians and U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis stats on music and recording industry business establishments, and combined the results into a Metro Music Index." The article is careful to point out that "we are measuring the concentration of musicians and music-related businesses, not the vibrancy or impact or quality of artists to emerge from a regional scene."

What large metro area (over 1 million people) do you think has the highest concentration of musicians and music businesses? Can you think of any small metro areas that over-index in either category? While some cities may seem quite obvious, others will certainly surprise you!

Take a look at the top music scenes in America here:

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