Monday, August 20, 2012

Money for Nothing? Well, Almost...

It may feel free, but you've earned it.

Back in July, we wrote a post about SoundExchange and the work they are doing to help make sure artists and labels receive digital streaming royalties due to them under statutory law. Well, if you didn't believe it before, it's hard not to believe now: they mean business.

Last week, SoundExchange announced that they are sitting on "tens of millions of dollars in unclaimed digital performance royalty payments", including "more than $31 million in royalties that are three or more years old." And guess what? They REALLY want to get rid of it all. The organization released a list of over 50,000 recording artists and labels to whom the money is owed. Amounts range anywhere from  $10 to over $100,000, but can't be claimed until the artist or label registers with SoundExchange.

Think you might be entitled to a piece of this pie? Why not check out the searchable database on the SoundExchange website to see if you're on the list? Regardless of what you find, be sure to register as an artist or label to help ensure any future royalties you earn make their way right to you.

Read the full press release from SoundExchange:

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