Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Music Hub: Samsung's Holistic Music Experience

Here's an interesting concept - a single music service, for one low monthly fee, that provides access to a cloud storage locker, unlimited on-demand streaming of over 19 million tracks, personalized radio and a full track download store (purchases cost extra). These services all exist individually, with separate fees and accounts required for each (iTunes Match, Amazon Cloud Drive, Spotify, Pandora, etc) however they have yet to be combined into a single, low cost service. For only $10 per month, Samsung's new Music Hub service provides just that. It's certainly an intriguing proposition. The catch is that for now the service can only be used with the Galaxy S III phone, although Samsung says they will be "expanding to other devices soon".

Is this the future of digital music consumption? Does Samsung have a chance of success with this service, or will they merely provide the model for another more established digital music service provider to scale? How might this affect the way in which copyright holders are compensated? Leave your thoughts, comments and predictions below.

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