Monday, August 13, 2012

The Impact of Weak Copyright: A First Hand Account

Eric Hilton and Phil Hawken of the independent Washington DC based record label ESL Music (a label founded by Eric Hilton and Rob Garza - aka "Thievery Corporation" - in 1996) speak about their early success as a DIY operation and the challenges they now face with diminishing returns on the sale of their music.

Says Eric, "people are listening to the music...they're just getting it for free"..."Every day we talk about copyright because it's the number one issue in our business right now. I mean, we don't really sell the records anymore. They're stolen."

These issues obviously extend well beyond ESL and are exactly the kind of issues that we, as creators, need to bring to the forefront of the conversation about copyright.

Watch the short 4 minute video about ESL on The Copyright Alliance Blog: 

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