Monday, September 10, 2012

Music, YouTube & The Youth

Last month Nielsen released the results of their "Music 360" study - a survey of 3,000 individuals that covers topics including "where/when music is consumed, through which device(s), apps and services; digital vs. physical purchases;  the process of discovery, and how/when discovery converts to purchase; insights around spending, share of wallet, and retailer preferences; live events; and much more."

One of the more notable publicly released statistics says that amongst teens, YouTube (at 64%) is the most popular source for music consumption. 64% of teens listen to music through YouTube. This is a remarkable penetration figure and goes to show that YouTube, while not marketed directly as such, is in fact a music service.

For more coverage, analysis and insight on YouTube's role as a music service and the steps it took to establish itself in this position, check out the following:

"The Kids Think YouTube Is a Music Service — and They’re Right" from Evolver.fm

"The YouTube Dilemma" from Music Industry Blog

And read Nielsen's press release for the "Music 360" report here:

"Music Discovery Still Dominated by Radio, Says Nielsen Music 360 Report" from Nielsen:

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