Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Truth About Copyright

With so much discussion and debate taking place between copyright supporters and free culture advocates, it's easy to lose sight of the founding principles, key pieces of legislation, landmark court decisions and cultural relevance (both historically and currently) associated with the protection of intellectual property. Facts are often distorted or blown out of proportion, assumptions are made without questioning their accuracy and focus is given only to points that serve one's pre-determined perspective. With that in mind, it's important to take a step back and make an effort to become familiar with the truths behind copyright policy.

Copyhype recently posted a wonderful summary and collection of seven different law reviews that explore and debunk many of the most popular myths about copyright. Topics covered include the length of copyright protection (and the Sonny Bono CTEA of 1998), private interests vs. public good, the implications of copyright in the digital age and the socio-economic ramifications of the copyright system. These are in-depth reviews, not all to be read in one sitting. But it's important information for any advocate (one way or another) to be aware of. So please, bookmark the site, read what you can, and keep coming back to chip away at some more. We'll certainly be doing the same!

Read Copyhype's collection of "7 Mythbusting Copyright Law Articles":

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